faith grows big when we have new experiences. That's what events like retreats, camps and mission trips are meant to do. Take a big next step with one of these upcoming events with hsm!

Aug 13: Back At It! (Back to School Festival)

Sept 24: The Great UALC HSM Obstacle Course

Dec 15: Zoo Lights Outreach Event

Feb 2-4: Winter Retreat

Apr 20: One Night Worship Event

May 20: Oscar Night (Outreach and End of School Celebration)

June 1: Senior Celebration/Cookout

June 11-15: Vacation Bible School (Teen Helping and YK Stage Team)

June 25-29: HSM Summer Camp

July 8-14: Houston Mission Trip

July 16-25: Atlanta Student Leadership Mission Trip

July 28-Aug 4: Family Camp

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